Friday, 9 August 2013

Bdellium Brushes

Turns out the B is silent, well isn't that easier?

After hearing about Bdellium brushes on Zoellas Youtube, I had to pick some up when I was at IMATS this year. Bdellium are professional eco-friendly make-up brushes that also claim to be "Antibacterial". Don't take this the wrong way, yes you still clean them, but it is ten times easier to do.
Mine are from the Green and Pink Bambu series as they're made from sustainable materials and eco-friendly. The green are short handles and are my travel essentials and the pink are long handles.

Firstly, I bought a 957 which is a "Precision Kabuki" brush. A dense brush that is amazing for blending a flawless foundation.
I also got the 959 which is a "Powder Blending" brush. This is great for powder, all over bronzing or softening a blush or contour. It's also amazing for applying foundation too.
Last of the green brushes is the 776 which is the "Blending" brush. A great all round brush for eye make-up for all over colour or for blending.
On to the long handle brushes now which the 781 which is the "Crease Brush". Which, obviously, is an eyeshadow brush for blending in the crease. It's the perfect size for just that and is dense so blends wonderfully. 
Sadly this is the last of the bunch and it's the 780 which is the "Pencil brush". Perfect for smudging out an eyeliner, applying colour under the eye and I also use it to add a really definite dark colour in the crease.

I think the best thing however about these brushes is how affordable they are! I bought mine at IMATS where they were discounted however I believe they're retail prices range from £6 to £13 which is still absolutely incredible! They're just as good in quality if not better as some of my brushes that have cost £20 each.
I chose these brushes individually to achieve a perfect base and smokey eye make-up, however they're also sold in kits where you can save some cash,
If you're in the US, well lucky lucky you. These are even cheaper and available on their website, here.
For all my fellow Brits, I've found you can get your hands on these (and other amazing products) here at love make-up.

Has anyone else tried these brushes or found any other bargains?
Let me know!