Friday, 29 November 2013

Hydraluron - 1/3 off!

Just a quick post today for all the other skincare junkies, Hydraluron is currently 1/3 off at Boots!
I'll just let that sink in...

Hydraluron is a serum that you apply before moisturising which increases your skins ability to retain moisture. It's heavily raved about over the blogosphere, by beauty gurus and skincare experts.  
Caroline Hirons mentioned it, so obviously I've been dying for it ever since.
If like me, you've been put off by the price (usually £24.99, now £16.66) now is the time to snap it up! 

It's consitency is gel like and feels slightly tacky but once applied absorbs almost instantly. If not, instantly. It's like magic! I've found it helps for my moisturiser to absorb very quickly too. This means you can apply a lighter moisturiser than you would usually (so great for those prone to breakouts, avoid a heavy cream but still leave skin hydrated).
 I'll do a more in-depth review of course but I just had to share!

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Growing up

So as you may have noticed, I haven't been blogging lately.
In July I finished my 2 year make-up course at college, with top grades, and life was glorious.
I also had it lined up that in January I would be studying at my dream school Greasepaint.
Utterly, utterly glorious.
All it meant was I then had to work my arse off for the next 6 months to save money for the hell that is living in London. As lots of you may know, working 40 to 50 hours a week in a crappy retail job takes it's toll. Yes I have something to aim for and got to do make-up work on the side, but oh boy does it take it's toll. On top of that I've been, and still am, searching for somewhere to live in London. Well that's a nightmare, let's leave it at that.
The good news is that this week I handed in my notice at my crappy retail job. To anyone else in a dead end job that they hate I highly suggest that you do the same, it's a wonderful experience. I have four weeks left now at my 2 (yes 2!) hideous jobs, and it's time to focus more on writing again. I started this blog so that I can share my experiences while training and working as a Make-Up Artist. To recomend products I've tried and tested, to say to those in the same position "Hey it's hard for me too, I get it", and to generally just share my love for the industry. 
What a better time to do that when I'll be a student at (in my opinion) one of the best make-up schools in the country. 
So I'm sorry for the absence and stay tuned for my return to the blogosphere.

ps. to those of you in jobs you hate, I feel you sister. 
It's never too late.