Wednesday, 7 October 2015

H&M Beauty: Facemasks

I went into my local h&M last week to see they had totally re-launched their beauty range. I'd never tried any of their beauty products from their old line as they never appealed but they're now packaged to look high end with a great selection of products.
These face masks in their bright packaging are what first caught my eye however I have since picked up other things from their make-up, haircare and bodycare lines and I'm sure there will be another post on those to follow.
What appealed to me with these was the names of each of them, involving fruits and plants with scents you don't often find. They are each priced at £1.99 and you can purchase them from here.

The 4 I decided on were:

Raspberry Leaf

A peel-off mask with vitamin E for combination skin

Kiwi and Watermelon

A self warming face mask with pear fruit juice for combination skin

Cucumber and Aloe

A cooling peel-off mask with passion flower and lotus blossom, for tired skin

Charcoal and Pumice

A exfoliating face mask with walnut and fig for tired skin

Although they come in individual pods (which are great for travel) there is 10ML of product which is enough for you and a friend or partner. Or you could also save what's leftover in a small travel container and use it up to two times more.
One mask that looked slightly unusual to me was the charcoal and pumice mask. Now charcoal is often used in face masks to help clear skin but I'd not used that paired with an exfoliant before. It's a gritty texture that you apply and leave for 10 or so minutes. It will harden like a typical mask but as you wash it off the pumice takes away any dead skin sells leaving your skin clean and smooth.
 I enjoyed using this however if you have very sensitive skin the exfoliation may irritate your skin as the grains are quite abravive for a scrub. I'm used to using a liquid/chemical exfoliant rather than a scrub however I would still use this and will do when my skin is looking dull. 

Have you tried anything from h&m beauty yet? Comment and let me know you're favourites!
Here's some other products from the range that are on my wishlist.



  1. I actually just purchased the charcoal and pumice one. I'm waiting to take it off but it feels great so far!

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