Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Body Painting Competition!

So for those that have been reading previous posts you'll know that I've been really busy preparing for a competition I'd entered and therefore neglected my blog!
Thankfully it's now over and I'm back and writing again!

I'm currently waiting for the actual photographers photographs but because I'm excited to show you here are just a few from my phone!

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The theme of our Body Art was Signs of the Zodiac and, purely because of seeing beautiful sequin skirts in every clothes store I walked past, I was inspired to do Pisces.  It was a 3 hour timed competition so it was rushed but I enjoyed every second of it. 
The whole day is great fun and I'm thrilled that I cam in 2nd place! Takes a bow!


The majority of what I used is Kryolan products! So I'm sorry if you're a fan of another company!
I've been taught with almost all Kryolan products, I own many and they're what I'm familiar with. They're pigmentation is also fantastic for body art. However their colour hairspray which I used for the dark blue hair, is new to me and I was in love with the result! It gave the exact colour on the tin with a slight sparkle and really topped off my look!
I also have fallen head over heels in love with the shell prosthetics I used as nipple covers! I bought mine uncoloured and then used latex and Inglot pure pigment powders to colour mine to match the sequin skirt.
They're from a New Zealand company called Body FX. You can find them online and place orders but Charles Fox also stock them in their Covent Garden store. They have a HUGE range of foam latex prosthetics and the detail is so delicate, I am desperate to do something with their rose pieces.

I'll write another post and put up the professional photographs sometime next week.
Just thought I'd get back into the swing of writing again where I've been unwell and so busy.

What do you all think of it? Write a comment and show me some of your body art too!
Ps, how beautiful and brave is my model? Write lots of lovely comments for her too!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

Whoopsie, I'm late to the party!

I've heard so many wonderful things about this product and how it's super duper for dry skin so I have finally gone out and bought it.

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation SPF 15 - £24, get it here.
MAC Select MoistureCover Concealer, £14.50, buy it here.

Where I have dry skin I often find with even foundations that I love, they become flaky on my skin quite quickly. This is a gel formula intended for dry skin to solve that very problem. I loved this product as soon as I apply it. It completely changes the appearence of your skin!
I also was a little naughty and bought the Select Moisturecover concealer to apply around my eyes, really loving this!


The packaging is simple but I like it that it's in a tube. It's not bulky or made from glass so it's great to just chuck in your handbag, and as you know I love handbag essentials! It's also a back to MAC product which if you're not familiar with is where you can save up 6 of your empty MAC products and return to the store for a lipstick of your choice. Love that. 


It's got a medium to high coverage and just instantly looks like you have a new skin. It's easily build able and covers redness and blemishes easily. It's also SPF 15 which is fantastic! 
I apply it with a stipple brush (recently I quite like the real techniques one). As it has such a high coverage a little goes a very long way. For an easy day time look I probably only use a pea sized amount before buffing it into my skin.I think this also justifies the amount I spent on it too. At £24 it's more than I'd usually spend on a foundation for myself but I'm hoping it will last me a long time.
Because it's quite a heavy foundation I use the Select Moisturecover concealer around and under my eyes rather than the foundation. It's wonderful for dry skin and I always find it brightens my eyes more.


It has a dewy finish which I tend to go for anyway so that's a plus. It's definitely dewy rather than glittery which you sometimes find in cheaper products. It really does help to brighten the appearance of dry skin.


This is so far the best foundation I've tried to solve my dry skin problems. However if I'm having a really dry skin day I need to have a good scrub with an exfoliator before applying make-up, but that's just life really. It lasts the majority of my day but not ALL day. However, I don't powder all over after applying which would set the make-up for longer so I can't really complain. Once my skin is prepped and moisturised this doesn't flake which is the reason I bought it so overall, fantastic. 
I bought this over a month ago and haven't used another foundation since, if you have dry skin go give this a try!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Excuses, excuses!

Hello to all!
How has it become March already?

This is just a short post apologising for my lack of blogs as of late. 
February turned out to be a really busy month for me. I have a body art competition coming up (now only a week away, eeek!) which has seemed to take up all of my mind and time. So when my half term came, I jumped at the chance to gain some of my life back and to catch up with friends so my blog was slightly neglected.
Then March came and I've been pretty damn ill and still recovering. Annoyingly I had a February favourites planned for you all, so maybe March Favourites will be extra long.

I'm very sorry that in february I also managed to delete ALL of my comments that have ever been left on my blog.
                  Good job, well done Chloe.
 I'm completely lost when it comes to technology and the fact I can access the internet let alone create a blog is pretty amazing. I love reading what you have to say and what products you love too so I'm pretty darn annoyed at myself. If you had any unanswered questions please write again and I'll reply instantly :)

However, always look on the bright side of life
My busy half term involved a trip up to London to trawl Covent Garden for new make-up supplies. I got some real beauties from Charles Fox for my competition, as well as picking myself up some treats from MAC. So I have a couple of posts coming up for you guys soon on my new finds!
Also, last week I got to see the new musical The Book of Mormon now that it's finally come to England. I was crying from laughter the entire performance and would highly recommend it if you can get tickets! 

I'll be back soon, I promise!