Friday, 11 January 2013

Be more ambitious this new year.

So, a new year is here and another one has passed. The last year held many great things for me and I can only think that some of it was down to the new years resolution I set myself last January. I'm not normally one to set silly tasks just because it's a new year on the Calender but last year I felt it would be good to set myself some personal goals. I was in my first year of studying to be a Make-Up Artist and there was so much I wanted to try but I was too afraid to try in case I wasn't ready. Just little things like booking a photographer to get some Portfolio shots. So for 2012 my resolution was to... "Be more ambitious".

I am so glad I stuck to it and here is what I achieved!
Photography: Bruce Cleghorn
Models (Top to Bottom): Natalie De Luna, Charlotte Connolly.
 I worked with a Photographer for some Portfolio pictures the following month and here are my favourite pictures! It may not be my greatest work but it gave me the confidence I needed in my skills, and for that I am so proud of myself!

Model: Ciara Baron, find her here.

 With this new confidence I started taking any opportunities given to me (which is crucial when going into this industry) and started using my skills to help out other students at college. I did make-up for the photo-shoots of fashion and photography students as well as creating zombie make-up for a short film done by the media students too! 

I also qualified my first year of college, overall achieving a Distinction! This also required entering a body art competition at The Anvil Theatre as well as producing more photo shoots displaying my Make-Up.
Model: Tia Holland
All the hard work started to pay off towards the end of the year. In August I created the Make-Up for Nic Dawson Kelly's new music video, "Old Valentine" which you can view here.

I was also asked to do the Make-up for BBC South Today presenters in August for the live show of BBC Children in Need. I don't think I can even begin to describe how exciting this was for me! It was an incredible experience as well as an amazing insight into the industry! 
I also met Pudsey. woohoo.

Inspired by what I achieved this year I have decided to carry this on into 2013, starting with this! A blog! I  spend a LOT of my time reading beauty blogs and I wanted to try it out myself, being ambitious and all! However I have never done anything like this before and am quite frankly pretty clueless so please bare with me while I get to grips with all the techy wizz, which has never been my thing. I'm hoping to start posting reviews and tips on products soon but please do send me a tweet or get into contact if you would like to see anything in particular!
Thank you if anyone has read this, I hope it's inspired you to be a little more ambitious this year.

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