Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Body Painting Competition!

So for those that have been reading previous posts you'll know that I've been really busy preparing for a competition I'd entered and therefore neglected my blog!
Thankfully it's now over and I'm back and writing again!

I'm currently waiting for the actual photographers photographs but because I'm excited to show you here are just a few from my phone!

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The theme of our Body Art was Signs of the Zodiac and, purely because of seeing beautiful sequin skirts in every clothes store I walked past, I was inspired to do Pisces.  It was a 3 hour timed competition so it was rushed but I enjoyed every second of it. 
The whole day is great fun and I'm thrilled that I cam in 2nd place! Takes a bow!


The majority of what I used is Kryolan products! So I'm sorry if you're a fan of another company!
I've been taught with almost all Kryolan products, I own many and they're what I'm familiar with. They're pigmentation is also fantastic for body art. However their colour hairspray which I used for the dark blue hair, is new to me and I was in love with the result! It gave the exact colour on the tin with a slight sparkle and really topped off my look!
I also have fallen head over heels in love with the shell prosthetics I used as nipple covers! I bought mine uncoloured and then used latex and Inglot pure pigment powders to colour mine to match the sequin skirt.
They're from a New Zealand company called Body FX. You can find them online and place orders but Charles Fox also stock them in their Covent Garden store. They have a HUGE range of foam latex prosthetics and the detail is so delicate, I am desperate to do something with their rose pieces.

I'll write another post and put up the professional photographs sometime next week.
Just thought I'd get back into the swing of writing again where I've been unwell and so busy.

What do you all think of it? Write a comment and show me some of your body art too!
Ps, how beautiful and brave is my model? Write lots of lovely comments for her too!


  1. I really like how you did the model's face makeup with flower details, very pretty!
    Hope you can show us more pictures later,

    1. Oh thank you! I wanted to add more of a feminine touch the face, most of the design is actually cuttings from lace!


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