Thursday, 10 October 2013

Brighter Place

Gahhhh, so I've waited to write about this post since July. JULY.

At the start of the Summer I was asked to do the make-up for a music video for RedTails debut single Brighter Place. I of course jumped at the chance and I'm glad that I did!
Firstly, the band are great! Lovely, talented people who are clearly so passionate about what they do.
The song is fantastic and if you like it too it's available to download here.
And lastly, not to blow my own trumpet, the video looks amazing.

The video was shot in two parts over two days. 
For the first look I got a message saying "Think David Bowie as thin white duke, The Fifth Elementm, Paramore Now music video."
What a beautiful, beautiful sentence. 
I had the freedom to be really creative with this look and I just love how it came out.
I went with icy blues and pale skin and worked with the sharp lines of her hairstyle. 
This is Ciara Baron from A Trickle Of Meaning, and doesn't she look amazing? If you're not a follower of her blog (and why not?) go over and take a look!
For the second part I created a look for the singer of Redtails, the beautiful Colette.
Contrasting to the cold blues and whites on Ciara, I used warm gold and copper tones for Colette.
Colette has her own individual style that we really wanted to work with rather than change. The colours suited her skin tone and, (by complete chance as I only met her on the day) went PERFECTLY with her highlights.
(I will be doing a post on this make-up look, I promise)
 I love the footage of Colette, as well as Rick (keys/vocals) and Dan (drums), because it just shows what passion really is. How it feels to love what you do.
This picture shows it alone.
 The two days I worked on this video were brilliant purely because it was a bunch of people doing what they absolutely love. The band, obviously. Me, well duh.
But also the actors and the crew. Which was mostly made up of students.
It was just a great thing to be a part of and to watch.

So please go over to the YouTube video by clicking here and let the band and the people who worked hard on this video what you thought by leaving a comment or a thumbs up!
You can also just watch it at the top of this post too if you're feeling lazy.

For those of my regular readers and make-up enthusiasts who are wondering "What's going on!? Where's the make-up reviews?" I will be doing another post or two on the make-up looks I created in this and the products I used, so stay tuned!

RedTails: TwitterFacebook
Director/Producer: Scott Hayden


  1. What an incredible opportunity! You did a great job my lovely :)

    B xx