Thursday, 16 July 2015

A rant about festivals

Every year I read lots of magazine articles and blog posts on 'Festival Essentials'. Beauty blogs over the summer are full of them. And I read them and I enjoy them. Not because they're helpful, but because they're funny.
Because the people who write them do not go to festivals.
A festival involves spending a minimum of 3 days sleeping in a field. I don't really understand how to anyone that essentials involve fine lace, suede boots and £90 sunglasses. On top of those 3 days in a field you need to factor in rain, mud, alcohol, dancing/moshing and minimum facilities.
 To me, really the only essentials are baby wipes and welly boots.

Yes there are festivals where you can sleep in a caravan and have access to an actual toilet cubicle.
But I go to Reading Festival.

So here's what I take with me, coming from somebody that's gone for 5 years.


Sleeping Bag
Baby Wipes
Dry Shampoo 
Anti Bacterial Gel


Lip Balm
Suncreem (check the weather before you go)
Deoderant Wipes
Anti Bacterial Wipes

As for make-up, if you want to wear it, I'd go simple with cheap products. My advice is not to take anything to a festival you'll be sad not to come home with. I tend to take cheap brushes, a base, a brow product, a lip stain, a cream eyeshadow and a mascara. Although sometimes I don't bother at all.
However one of the great things about festivals is that you can wear anything you like and get away with it. So it's nice to take something fun too. Last year I took a tube of henna, a tube of eyelash glue and pots of tiny sequins and gems. 

I understand that some people reading this will say not all festivals are like that. Which is true.
I recently went to 2000 trees, a beautiful festival in Gloucester that you should definitely go to if you get a chance (and buy a White Russian while you're there.)
It was small and safe enough that I took my iPhone and nothing got trashed either.
But I have also been to festivals where my tent got trampled, someones enitre bag got stolen and a friend required multiple stitches.
This isn't to say either that you won't have a fantastic time. I've loved every one and seen some incredible bands. Even my friend that had stitches will tell you he had the best time ever.

I'm just telling you to pack the essentials.. and not the bullshit ones Glamour writes about.

ps. everyone takes UV paint and flower crowns. Try something different.

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