Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Noticed some changes?

Noticed some changes around here?
My blog is currently under construction!

If you've ever started a blog yourself you'll know that it's easy to fall in and out of spells of blogging. Bloggers block, shall we call it. Although it's something I've always enjoyed doing, it can be difficult for creativity to strike, as well as dedicating time for it. However I seem to be doing more and more things lately that I think "that would have made a great blog post". I'm in my twenties which has brought on many changes and big life decisions. I'm still doing freelance make-up, but also discovering many more interests such as photography and cooking. I'm also currently in the process of moving into my first home which is both incredibly exciting and daunting. And by in the process, I do mean slap bang in the process of it. Today (with the help of generous family) I moved a sofa, my bed, a coffee table and a chest of drawers into the house. A crazy time to decide to start blogging again, but an exciting time - which is exactly why I'm doing it.

You can read my posts and come with me on this journey of trying/pretending to be an adult. I'll be posting the usual beauty stuff, along with my decorating progress, recipe ideas, any tips and tricks, probably many what not to do-s and hopefully some other fun adventures.

I'm still having a play with the design of my blog in the meantime as well as writing up some blog ideas but thought I'd give you an update on what's going on. And a heads up to expect more from this blog soon.

But for now if there is anything you'd particularly be interested you'd like me to write about, please leave a comment below.


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