Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Handbag essentials and making them fit!

Handbag essentials that actually fit inside your handbag. 

I'm somebody that has so many handbag essentials that they no longer fit into my handbag.
To the point that it's tempting to carry round a separate bag filled with toiletries and another one for my purse and keys. Realising that was completely mad, I  recently experienced the absolute joy that is organising the crap I carry around daily after buying a new handbag. 
I thought I'd share with you my now shortened list of essentials, and ways of actually making it fit.

Deena and Ozzy Leather Handbag, urban outfitters.

Use solid perfume!

Solid perfumes are perfect if you want to avoid carrying round a glass bottle of perfume with you!
 Mine's in a tin from Lush in "American Cream". I've owned this for years and I mean years, these things last a life time! I've actually owned this for so long it's now out of date but I continue to use it anyway as I've noticed no difference. They've also now changed the packaging, haha!
I do highly recommend the lush ones though, they have such a variety and the scent lasts all day!

Samples/Smaller Sizes!

Benefit, Triple Performing Facial Emulsion (sample size).
Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector, 30ml, grab it here.
Benitint, Benefit (miniature freebie, from.. somewhere).
To make room in my handbag, I've replaced many of my essentials with the smaller versions. My Hemp Hand Protector is sold in two sizes and the smaller one is fantastic for popping in my bag. When smaller sizes aren't available I just carry round a sample in case of a beauty emergency.
The Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion is actually a product I don't own, a sales assistant was pretty generous with samples and gave me the equivalent of a bottles amount. I put some into a container and carry a spare with me!
Sample perfumes are also great to have in your handbag if you're not a lover of solid perfumes! I have tons from magazines that I never do anything with until now!

Remove packaging!

This may sound really patronising as it's so obvious but it's something I never really did. I'd just throw things in my bag on my way out. Now I look at it though some packaging is so bulky and unnecessary. 
I now cut up pill packets to only carry a few with me. I also now take one or two plasters (or blister plasters if your new nikes are a bitch) and keep them in a compartment in my purse. 

There you have it!

My favourites chop and change all the time, but here's just a few ways I've cut down my essentials!
I also always carry with me tissues, a lip balm, Kirby grips, hair bands and a nail file!

What do you always need in arms reach?

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