Friday, 1 February 2013

Sister Suggestions!

How do you know when a product is so good you must go out and buy it now? By reading a blog post on it, seeing it in a magazine, if a Kardashian tweets it?

For me, I know a product is ruddy amazing when my older sister texts me saying "Look what I just found in super drug" or me texting her saying "You need this in your life".
My sister is 20, lives in London and is at LSMT, therefore living the "student life".
 So the products we recommend each other are either:
  •  Ridiculously cheap yet surprisingly good .
  • So bloody good they are worth the money!
Rather than keeping these products a sibling secret, each month I'll write a "Sister Suggestions" post!

My suggestion to her this month:

Hair oils suddenly became huge this past year and some people are paying masses for it!
 Yes, I know Morrocan oil is amazing, I've tried it out lots in the Salon at College and it is fab. 
But is it worth the the £30.45 price tag that comes with it?

 Superdrug sell coconut oil (completely pure accept added fragrance) buy it here for £2.99 

It comes in a solid form in a tub and can be warmed up with your hands and run through your hair! I use this as a conditioning mask through wet hair and it does WONDERS! Every hair guru has raved about coconut oil this past year but have still been suggesting products of it that cost around £15!

How do you know it's good?
I text her about it, of course!

She's now bought it, and we're in love!

Last year my friend burnt off her hair lighting a cigarette of her oven       - nice one kim!
What rescued the damaged frazzled remains? Your basic kitchen olive oil! Don't fall for the price tags, ladies.

Her suggestion to me:

Have trouble with your Make-Up staying in place all day?

On clients that really need their make-up to stay (brides, for example) I'd use Kyrolan Fixing Spray - That's something that won't change when doing my professional make-up!
However I love face mists, I own MAC Fix+ and Vitimin E Face Mist from The Body Shop! Both are refreshing face mists that also promise to help give a slight fix to your make-up! But for a student?
My sister swears by this and says it holds your make-up like nothing else. For £5, what's to loose?

Proof that it works?
(it was a mock audition and she was 1 of only 3 that got a call back, snaps for my sis guys!)

Let me know if you enjoy this post and I'll continue to do one each month!
What are your cheap must haves?

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