Saturday, 28 May 2016

Summer Mojitos

 As the weather is getting warmer here in England it seems only suitable to write a post on a cocktail. Last year I attended Citadel festival and was served a passion fruit mojito that I've been reminiscing about ever since.
A hot day in a dusty field listening to live bands is definitely where I want to be right now.
Sadly, I cannot re-create that in my lounge. I can, however, rec-create the drink.
Like a classic mojito it still contains the usual ingredients: white rum, mint, lime and sugar.
You can use a sugar syrup or muddle a teaspoon of sugar with the mint leaves and lime, whichever you have. Now to this you could simply add a piece of passion fruit to the bottom of your glass and will taste and look great. However at the festival, as well as fresh passion fruit, they used a puree. And in the spirit of re-creating this drink I found using this mango and passion fruit coulis from Sainsbury's works rather nicely. I've been using large teaspoon in with the muddled lime and mint but I suggest tasting and adding to what your preference is.
Then simply pour over soda water to fill the glass and enjoy.
A refreshing but very easy drink that's great for BBQ's or summer parties.


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