Thursday, 19 May 2016

Why you should check out Louise Young

 When I studied make-up in London I had the pleasure of meeting Louise Young. She came to my make-up school to talk us through some of her new products, and having already owned some of her brushes, it's safe to say I was excited. 
Louise Young was working as a Make-up Artist when she injured her hand and was worried it would effect her work. It was that which made her decide to start a brush line she'd been thinking of for a while. And after using her brushes, you can tell they were created by a make-up artist. They are good quality, withstand constant cleaning and there is every brush you will ever need. This is one of the few brush lines that have such a variety of brushes you don't often see.
Especially what I'm talking about today, Eye Brushes. Many of which coming in multiple sizes depending on your eyeshape/lid space - genius. 
So here are my top 3 Louise Young eye brushes that are worth checking out:

The LY038B Tapered shadow brush 3
It's the smallest of the 3 tapered shadow brushes which makes it the perfect crease brush. Especially if you're like me and don't have much eyelid space to work with. I use it every single day,

The LY13 Mini socket 
Perfect for many things. Shadow under the eye? Smudging eyeliner? A bold cut crease?
Check, check, check!

The LY24A - Superfine liner brush
All of her eyeliner brushes are the bomb. They were the first brushes of hers that I tried because they're the finest liner brushes I've seen on the market. I know different people like different liner brushes, but no matter what your preference is, check hers out. Short, long, fat, fine, superfine. There will be one.

Although I'm talking about eye brushes, a shoutout goes to the Super Foundation Brush (LY34) as I just can't leave it out. Excellent foundation brush, applies products evenly without caking it on and is also absolutely massive so does your entire face in seconds. 
It's also worth a mention that for the quality these are, they are very well priced. Many of the brushes are only £10. I constantly clean my brushes with Isopropyl Alcohol to sanatise them (as does Louise Young and many professional make-up artists for that matter. Don't be fooled by expensive brush cleaners) and years later they're still the same as when I bought them.

Have you ever tried Louise Young brushes? 
Please recommend any favourites that you have!

Louise Young brushes can be purchased online or if you like to have a feel of the brushes before you buy they are available in PAM. 

*This post will come across very pro Louise Young. That's simply because I am. 
I paid for all these products myself, while studying, with my own money.

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